Babies are designed for democracy  

peek a boo

Peek-a-boo is active participation in a community…

The same activities that support the healthy development of their bodies and brains allow them to develop the skills needed to be a citizen in a democratic society.

The first game that a mother or father plays with their child – whether smiling back when he smiles, saying “baa” when she says “baa” – helps an infant to recognize they are an individual within a community. The repeated the game allows their brain to refine the connections needed to learn about and interact with the world.  

Infants learn by repeating actions. Games that mirror their actions, lead to discoveries about themselves and other people. Playtime with family and friends, teaches them that other people will respond to them and that they can attract the attention of others. Through these first games, children are learning the foundations of social interactions and active engagement with other people. These help lay the foundation for having healthy relationships, recognizing other people‘s needs as well as understanding and appreciating differences. These activities are essential to grow active, engaged citizens; they are the first games a parent plays with a child.

Today play peek-a-boo with mom, dad and the person behind you in the grocery store line;  tomorrow make eye contact with a homeless person, run an errand for a neighbor, help make your community cleaner, safer, or  friendlier.

Peek-a-boo is active participation in a community.

– Dr. Elizabeth Waters

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AuthorDr. Elizabeth Waters