Monica was lucky enough to meet Nancy Lubin, Chief Old Person and CEO of DoSomething.org. With 2.5 million members (and growing) it's the country's largest not-for-profit, connecting young people and social change. Nancy and her team really know kids and are keen to give them a platform where they can be heard. DoSomething.org's simple concept—use text messaging to connect young people to the causes they care about.

Students can participate in campaigns like Jeans for Teens or start one of their own. Topics have a very broad range including homelessness, animal rights, the environment, and bullying. Action tips culled from 18 years of teens-in-action and thousands of campaigns will help students become successful in connecting in-school learning with real world actions. An added bonus: all the programs and products are free.

At Inquiring Minds we think that's something to get excited about for several important reasons.

  • It’s a great resource for teachers. It helps kids become civic-minded on a platform that is well vetted and speaks the language of young people. (You have to be 13 to join. And at 26, you are too old!)    
  • Every campaign proposed must adhere to a few simple rules—campaigns cannot require money, a parent, or a car. With these barriers removed student actions are more easily achieved.
  • Nothing empowers like success—that's how children can become advocates for life!

DoSomething.org is a perfect fit for the implementation of the C3 Framework's fourth dimension which encourages communication and informed action.

Awesome, right? Other thoughts out there on how to connect young people to advocacy and action? Please let us know!

AuthorMonica Snellings