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In classrooms we look for innovative ways to help teachers help their students and vice versa. We are interested in the development of agency, grit, values and self-determination for students so they may become critical thinkers. We are interested in helping teachers embed these goals in their teaching practices.

We are commissioned to develop programs and workshops in public and private schools. We offer the programs we research and develop including the tools we design. 

Any way we can, our focus is on inquiry and opening doors for teachers and their students.

We take tax deductible donations and we get grants. We can't get there without you. 

Contact us to explore the ways we might work together. 

We rely on tax deductible donations for much of our work.

We are always happy to receive donations so that we can conduct more research and work in schools with fewer resources. For instance, we raised thousands of dollars for PS 20 in Brooklyn—a Title I school—to transform a classroom under the direction of the students themselves.

See our Boosters page to be added to our new Friends of PS 20 list.

All tax deductible donations are made through WorldStudio Foundation which supports our work and acts as our fiscal sponsor. Scroll down for more information on the Foundation. 

Donate to us through our fiscal sponsor using Paypal.

If you'd prefer to write a check please note "Inquiring Minds" on the check and mail directly to WorldStudio Foundation.

Worldstudio Foundation
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Inquiring Minds USA, Inc.
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Inquiring Minds USA, Inc. operates under a fiscal sponsorship agreement with a tax exempt organization called Worldstudio Foundation, Inc. (WSF), a New York not-for-profit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Pursuant to the fiscal sponsorship agreement, all contributions to Inquiring Minds USA, Inc. should be made payable to WSF and any tax filings should refer to WSF and not Inquiring Minds USA, Inc. as the recipient of your charitable contribution. All contributions will remain the property of WSF until they are transferred to Inquiring Minds USA, Inc. in furtherance of Inquiring Minds USA, Inc.’s charitable purposes. WSF retains a small percentage of all contributions in order to cover the administrative expenses associated with its role as fiscal sponsor. Your contribution will be used solely for educational purposes related to Inquiring Minds USA, Inc.