We open doors for schools.

We collaborate to bring democratic processes and programs into schools: Providing innovative ways to help students become cooperators within their community and yet retain their authentic sense of self. We engage all stakeholders: welcoming parents into the learning process as well.. Children  emerge as  critical thinkers and active citizens. We are helping teachers embed these goals in their teaching practices to make the shift from a teacher centric to a learner-centered classroom.

We are commissioned to develop programs and workshops in public and private schools for fees. We also take tax deductible donations and we get grants to develop new programs. 

We rely on tax deductible donations for much of our work.

We are always happy to receive donations so that we can conduct more research and work in schools with fewer resources. See our Boosters page to be added to our new Friends of PS 20 list.

For instance, we raised thousands of dollars for PS 20 in Brooklyn—a Title I school—to transform a classroom under the direction of the students themselves. 

Inquiring Minds is honored to have Worldstudio Foundation as its fiscal conduit (scroll to bottom of page).. 

Our Supporters

Lena Barbera, Principal, PS 20, Brooklyn, New York  
LaVina Dixon, fifth grade educator, PS 20

Bill Gordon

Wendy Brawer, Founder, Green Map System, New York

Rick Brennan, Historia, Texas

Carry Ray-Hil, iCivics, Washington DC

Jaimie Cloud, Founder, The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, New York, New York

Brandon Peele, Co-founder, Cosmic Citizenship Alliance

Ronald Gross, Founder, Socrates Way

Eric Lane, Professor, The Brennan Center at NYU School of Law, New York, New York

Susan Lerner, Common Cause

Giselle Martin-Kneip, Co-founder, Communities for Learning, New York

JJ Rutherford, History Colorado, Denver, Colorado

Phoebe Ferguson, Founder, Plessy & Ferguson Foundation, New Orleans

Tom Roderick, Founder, Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

Bruce Sievers, National Endowment for the Humanities, Stanford University

Jordan Thomas, Filmmaker and activist, Brooklyn, New York

Friends of PS 20 Kids' Council

Individual Donors

Ashton Applewhite
Randy Barron
Kathleen Becker
John Bielenberg
Wendy Brawer
Archie Lee Coates IV
Sara Cornish
Tad Crawford
Mary Darby
Dan Demarti
Darcy DiNucci
Tom Dolle
David Domingue
Moira Egan
Susan Fernbach
Nancy Finton
William Fischer
Adrienne Fontanella
Carole Freehauf
Gordon Architects
Joan Graburn
Erin Hersey
Bonnie Holland and Jon Patmore
Laura Hough
Kathleen Kingsley
Jillian Kornsweig
John Landry
Keith Landry
Gillian Lankshear
Carmelina Macario
Raquel Maya
Naida McSherry
Patricia Morris
Katie Morrison
Augusta Palmer
Laurie Parres
Venessa Pieri
Elsa Ransom
Wendy Richmond
Cameron Russell
Colin Anton Samuel
Magin Schantz
Todd Schechter
Katherine James Schuitemaker
Judy Simon
Greg Sitzmann
Fernando Snellings
Nicole Stanner
Matt Stephens
Derek Stroup
Kathy Swan
Kelley Tanner
Alex Todaro

Jessica and Doug Warren
Pamela Walters
Sara Weinreb
Jane Zusi




Organizations and Institutions

Brooklyn Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Worldstudio Foundation

Worldstudio, co-founded by Mark Randall, develops sustainable, socially responsible strategies that align with a business’ core goals—resulting in customized, own-able platforms that create lasting change in communities and engage key audiences in collaborative and meaningful ways.

Mark Randall created Worldstudio Foundation to promote design excellence as well as diversity  in the profession and beyond.


All tax deductible donations are made through WorldStudio Foundation which supports our work and acts as our fiscal sponsor. Scroll down for more information on the Foundation. 

Donate to us through our fiscal sponsor using Paypal.

If you'd prefer to write a check please note "Inquiring Minds" on the check and mail directly to WorldStudio Foundation.

Worldstudio Foundation
Attn: Inquiring Minds Donation
200 Varick St. #507
New York, NY 10014

Inquiring Minds USA, Inc.
321 Adelphi Street
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(347) 227-7004

Inquiring Minds USA, Inc. operates under a fiscal sponsorship agreement with a tax exempt organization called Worldstudio Foundation, Inc. (WSF), a New York not-for-profit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Pursuant to the fiscal sponsorship agreement, all contributions to Inquiring Minds USA, Inc. should be made payable to WSF and any tax filings should refer to WSF and not Inquiring Minds USA, Inc. as the recipient of your charitable contribution. All contributions will remain the property of WSF until they are transferred to Inquiring Minds USA, Inc. in furtherance of Inquiring Minds USA, Inc.’s charitable purposes. WSF retains a small percentage of all contributions in order to cover the administrative expenses associated with its role as fiscal sponsor. Your contribution will be used solely for educational purposes related to Inquiring Minds USA, Inc.