What is Inquiring Minds?

We are a for profit innovative education company founded in 2014. We are a certified woman owned business. We also have a separate nonprofit called Inquiring Minds Institute which is a 501 C3.

What are the goals of Inquiring Minds?

We collaborate with communities - typically of students, teachers and parents - to bring democratic practices and processes into K-8 education, enriching students’ authentic selves through listening, inquiring and learning together. This is at the heart of civic engagement.   

How does Inquiring Minds work?

We develop a program tailored to the school's needs based on all stakeholders – the leadership's, teachers', students', parents'– input. There is no cookie cutter, in other words.

What schools does Inquiring Minds seek to work with?

We believe children are the future. We want to work with any accredited school with K-8 students.

How is Inquiring Minds funded?

We have a nonprofit institute for fundraising. We are otherwise paid fees directly by schools. 

What's the first step in working with Inquiring Minds?

Give us a call (see 'When?' in the menu bar) and we'll start a conversation. When appropriate we will make a proposal tailored to your needs.

What happens after kids go into high school? Would they lose all the gains made through Inquiring Minds programs?

Children retain much of the value as they move to higher grades. Upper grade school is very different from elementary or middle school of course. We create relationships with like-minded organizations focused on high school civic engagement that we can recommend to students and parents.